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Color Devour House

This is the most magical area of the entire universe. The soft surface of the planet grabs onto you. Get ready to be devoured by happiness! Legend has it that there are precious treasures here waiting for you to discover. At the entrance of the Color Devour House, there is a big Smiley Cave – aliens love to hide in here and meet new friends with big smiles.

The big Smiley Cave

Gather the smiles of the whole family. A spot you don’t want to miss for a happy family photo. Aliens love to stay here and create laughter – Pom-Pom, Leapo, Pami, Minie, and Brighty are also in here, can you find them?

Color Rainbow Windows

The most colorful world of Color Storytelling Fiesta. The aliens painted the glass windows in Smiley Cave. When Mr. Sunshine comes to the window, he draws beautiful pictures on the ground. Let’s go and see what Mr. Sunshine has drawn today!

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