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Color Story-telling Fiesta

The Color Dimension team carefully produced the 100% original interactive storytelling music drama. The cheerful melodies seem to open up the doors to all the kids’ auditory senses, leading them to stretch their limbs to unlimited possibilities. Classical music regulates emotions, the sound sensory games bring the families closer, and the singing and dancing release kinetic energy. And finally, there is an exclusive Color gift to accompany you home!


1. In order to keep the activity experience intact, each child must be accompanied by at last one adult for the Parent-Child Only session.
2. Applicable to all guests; One person free of charge for the Double Rooms, two persons free of charge for Family Rooms
3. Please register at the club counter beforehand. Session hours shall be based on the on-site announcement. Limited participants.
4. Please wear socks and arrive at the club 10 minutes in advance
5. Not applicable to group reservations
6. Lakeshore Hotel reserves the right to change regarding the activities.

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